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For most families, their home is one of their largest financial assets, and deciding to sell it is a decision that involves a great deal of preparation and work. When you're ready to sell your home, it is important to have an experienced real estate professional handle the details involved in securing the best price for your home investment.

As an experienced professional who has helped many residents in Short Hills and surrounding areas within 40 minutes of New York City sell their homes, I will be with you throughout the entire sales process - from strategically marketing and showcasing your home to making sure that everything is completed in your best interest by the closing date.

Providing you with comprehensive and high-quality marketing service is my top priority. I combine effective past marketing strategies with modern technical tools of today.

Thinking of selling your home? Please contact me for a complimentary home analysis and a wealth of valuable information pertaining to the sale of your home.  

I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance.

Thank you, Dianne White


"Dianne, your enthusiasm, love and dedication to the enterprise has been impressive.  I will always contact you when I need further assistance, or when a friend may be in need of help.  You are always welcome at our new home!  Thank you."


"You're the best!  You gave us the right advice at the right time.  Thank you!"


"We are all so happy was because of you.  Thank you, Dianne."


"We could not be happier about how our house sale went!  You were so helpful and instructive.  You were on top of every detail.  It all added up for a very successful and quick sale.  We will always be grateful to you for your professionalism, experience, and thoughtfulness.  Thanks also for your kindness and generosity during the whole process.  We really appreciate it!" 


"Thanks, Dianne!  You have been a blessing to us.  We wish you all the best!" 


"Thank you for your patience and dedication to make our house sale a real successful story.  We cannot thank you enough for your professional guidance and special touch on every detail." 


"Thanks again for keeping my husband and I sane and informed during the process of selling our home." 


"Thanks to you for all your hard work, persistence and experience in helping us to sell our home in a difficult market. Also, thanks for your help in finding us a new home that is perfect for us."


 "We were immediately impressed by her professionalism, her knowledge about the market and her passion towards her work. We decided to go with her, and that turned out to be the smartest decision that we made."


 "She sold our house after the first open house! In the current housing environment that is not a small achievement."


 "She is a tactful dynamo, a professional through and through, and a nice person - an enviable combination in a listing agent."


"We were overwhelmed by your devotion, single mindedness and aggressiveness toward the sale of our house. Your attention to detail and general know-how sustained us through the trauma of selling our house. Whenever we see a Weichert sign we think of you as not only our agent, but just as importantly as a friend."


"She consistently went above and beyond the call of duty, she was always accessible at any hour and she was an excellent advocate."


 "As professionals, we have very high expectations and standards for those who work with and for us. Dianne exceeded our expectations and standards in all respects."

The following articles are a great place to start if you're looking for information about the sales process and how you can get more for your home when you decide to sell.

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